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Macau 2014 – part one

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My first trip in 2014 was CHINA, Macau. Huge conference, hotel Venetian.  Unbelievable, never saw something like that. The whole Venice – moved from Italy to hotel Macau – yes, to CHINA. I have to say, fucking unbelievable.

We have started the trip in Bratislava, went by train to Prague, then by Fly Emirates to Dubai, from Dubai to Bangkok, staying one day in Bangkok in a hotel and then moving to Macau finally. 3 days trip to Macau, 2 days conference, 2 days traveling back to Prague, together 7 days of traveling and didnt´ sleep at all.

When we came to Macau, I was shocked. Culturally, literally, shocking atmosphere – no smile, taxi driver doesnt speak English, the weather was too cold. uff. Waiting 20 minutes for taxi even. Uff, not a good start.

The city is full of casino tourists, is this something for me? Yes, we moved to casino´s. Saw many people there. Crazy. People invests here even more than in Las Vegas. The Venetian hotel we´ve had was part of huge complex with, jacuzzy, spa, swimming pool, golf, everything, what you need for relax. Will add some pictures later on Macau part II. To be continued…

2014 is a year of Munchen, Moscow, Dubai, Macau, London and finally Bratislava

I am a traveler. I am a guy, who born for travelling all over the world. I help people to survive. Why? Cause I love the life! I love music, especially Coldplay, I have my own garden party band, I love to rock, I love U2, I love to attend conferences. why? Because I need to have goals in my life. Without goals, without challenge, my life would be nothing.


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